Licensed by the Crown Estate Commissioners and the Queen’s Harbour Master,  Portsmouth to allocate and control moorings in Wootton Creek, Isle of Wight WOOTTON CREEK FAIRWAY ASSOCIATION

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Moorings, Mudberths and Houseboats

From the PGL Home page take the Experience our virtual tour of Little Canada for a great aerial view of the Creek.

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PGL Adventure Holidays at Little Canada

Aerial view of the Wootton Creek

1. The objects of The Association shall be to supervise, maintain, amend, repair, improve, and control such land and premises as are from time to time in the possession of The Association.

2. Control all moorings on the land held on lease from the Crown Estate Commissioners.

3. Take all such action it deems necessary as is within its legal power to comply with the instructions of, and the authority delegated to it from time to time by, The Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth.

4. In all other respects manage the land and premises from time to time in the possession of The Association and take such other action as may be prudent or necessary to maintain or improve the value, amenity or benefit of such land and premises.

ABP Marine Leisure Guide

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Studland Bay Marine Conservation Zone

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Looking for a Marine Berth to rent?

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Sept 2021 View the creek at low tide

A very informative website that allows one to zoom in to the coastline around England, including Wootton Creek, that can be viewed at low tide in high definition.


Dinghy Park report.

Slipway cleaned early August and 1st September

Be vigilant and secure your property

There have been recent reports of trespass and theft in and around the creek. It is worth remembering to be vigilant and ensure your property is locked up and secure at all times. Inevitably there will probably be more opportunist crime during the current crisis.

Recent groundings on Wootton Rocks

Once again another visiting boat has gone aground on Wootton Rocks having thought that the red post marking it was a port channel marker. WCFA have been in conversation with QHM regarding the hazard of this misleadingly marked post, and received the following response:

The red post is the most appropriate mark to use in this instance, it cannot be an IDM red/black because according to the definition an IDM has to have clear water around the isolated obstruction. When QHM replaced the original mark (bucket/traffic cone on a scaffold pole) they had to put it slightly to the north to enable the contractor to get in into the sea bed, which is why it is where it is.

Further, any visiting yacht unfamiliar with the area should check their chart or plotter, by doing so its obvious that marker is for the rocks and not the channel or even check the WCFA web site which shows two drone flights covering the complete creek area taken at high and low tide, specifically to assist in passage planning.

If you see or are involved in a grounding on Wootton Rocks please contact the Fairways who will pass this on to QHM Portsmouth.

Don't make waves, cut your speed.

Know your local harbour Speed Limits

Speed limit pdf

The following speed limits apply:

Within Wootton Creek to the West of the meridian of the mouth of the creek.(Longitude 01 12’.84 W) - 5 knots.

The speed limit in each case is to be taken as "speed through the water".


Recreational Boating During Coronavirus - Revised Guidance

LNTM No 32/20

View notice online.

28th March Various advice and information for recreational boaters during Coronavirus

Cowes Harbour Commission

Details on website


advice and information for recreational boaters

Details on website

England Coast Path on the Isle of Wight

Details on website

Some of you may be interested in the Wootton Fishbourne section. Report IOW 2, page 35

Wootton Bridge to Culver Down

A second Overview document will be published later this year alongside report IOW 1 which covers the length of coast between East Cowes and Wootton Bridge.

17th March

Wootton Creek Fairway Association

Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the latest Government advice the meeting scheduled for 26th March at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club has been postponed.

A new date will be announced when circumstances permit. For any queries please contact any Committee member or the Hon Sec.

26 Sept     Some useful seasonal advise for boat owners "Now that the Autumn weather has arrived many of you will be thinking about laying up your boats or preparing them for Winter. Whether you take your boat out it or leave it on its mooring the condition of the mooring itself is often overlooked and as a licensee it is your responsibility. However it is a good time of year to check as the water temperature will now be higher after the Summer than it will be in the Spring.  There are also low water spring tide conditions while it remains light before the nights really close in and we revert to GMT.

                The whole mooring should be checked as it could fail through one weak spot. Are the four anchors or sinkers properly buried? Is the ground chain in good condition? Every link? Are the riser chains in serviceable condition? again every link. Are the mooring ropes good and of a suitable size, particularly if the boat will be on the mooring during winter storms? (Or this year Autumn storms!). It may be prudent to double up or provide some extra lines. Particular attention should be paid to every shackle which are a common weak point. Are they worn? Is the mousing present/sound? Has the pin thread eroded? (I have found pins which will just pull out after a few years and only held in by the mousing!)

                Having checked your mooring now you can sleep easier during those dark night storms or know that the mooring is ready to receive your boat next spring ready for the coming season."

19 June     Only the brave/fool hardy/confident. Photo of DB taking delivery of a secondhand greenhouse.

8 May       Fun On The Water. ‘British Marine Isle of Wight’ is delivering 'Fun On The Water' for all the family at Cowes Yacht Haven, Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 May 2018, 10am – 4pm. Entry is free and there will be a host of activities to try out. Rebel Marine of Cowes and Fishbourne are participating with a range of on the water craft and even offering a few short taster blasts on Lightening Rebel, the fastest Charter RIB on the Island free of charge. Book a time slot on arrival.

25 April     Venturing out and about on the water soon?

If your planning to go to Cowes or the Medina then check out the diagram on the Cowes Harbour Commission website for the recently opened Dredged Eastern Channel in Cowes Harbour.

                Speed limit in the creek. The speed limit in the creek is 5 Knots, but occasionally people disregard this and can cause unnecessary wash and disturbance. QHM Portsmouth have the authority to enforce this rule and any incident of this kind can be reported to them. The procedure is to go onto the QHM Portmouth website and use the REPORT AN INCIDENT form. This form is then logged and viewed by the QHM or his deputy and any action necessary taken. Evidence in the form of video together with details of the craft or perpetrators would be needed in order to pursue it further.


As the season gets under way continue to be vigilant on and around the creek.

Help maintain a safe and enjoyable environment by reporting any suspicious activity.

The police contact number is 101 or 01962 841 534. There are also useful links on the Hampshire Police website,, to the Marine Unit Project Kraken, and advice under Marine Crime on Steps to secure your vessel and the property within it.